Black Friday Deals Surface

Black Friday Deals Surface


Incipio Self-Healing Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface

Designed to protect your Microsoft Surface screen from nicks and surface damage, this PLEX self-healing screen protector is coated with a thin silicone films that refills scratches just a few seconds after they’re made. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave a residue. This kit includes one display protector, a smoothie card, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.


Incipio Privacy Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface

With this screen protector for your Microsoft Surface, you’ll never have to worry about privacy protection or screen scratches again. The PLEX privacy screen protector features a crystal clear, four-way privacy filter that enables you to surf or work in total confidence. It offers a straight-on clear view and applies easily without leaving any residue. This kit includes one display protector, a smoothie card, and a microfiber cleaning cloth


Nixon Surface Sleeve (Black)

You’re going to want to protect your brand-new Surface and keep it looking as nice as it did the day you took it home. That’s why you’ll want the Nixon Surface Sleeve. It will protect your Surface from nicks and scratches and let you store your accessories in a slim, stylish case

  • Durable 1680D nylon exterior for durability
  • Exterior pocket for small accessories and managing your cables
  • Stabilizer strap handle so you can carry it whichever way is easiest for you
  • EVA high density foam padding and dura-plush lining for tablet protection
  • Neoprene panel to make it easier to store your tablet with or without keyboard cover


Incipio Padded Nylon Sleeve for Microsoft Surface

Protect your Microsoft Surface tablet with this padded nylon sleeve. The durable, nylon exterior and plush, faux-fur lining offers the perfect combination of sleek, stylish protection. An external pocket with a zip closure keeps items safe, while an interior neoprene zipper liner provides additional protection.


Surface VGA Adapter

Designed for Surface with Windows RT, this proprietary VGA adapter lets you share photos, video, and presentations in a way that’s larger than life. Plug Surface with Windows RT in to VGA-compatible displays, monitors, or projectors, and share your pictures, videos, and big ideas. Create, connect, and collaborate, at work or at home.


  • Designed exclusively for Surface with Windows RT
  • Connects Surface with Windows RT to VGA-compatible displays


Surface 24W Power Supply

Magnetically clicks into Surface with Windows RT, providing a constant supply of power. Ultra-trim design makes it easy to carry and fit into small spaces. So convenient, you’ll want one for anywhere you find yourself using Surface with Windows RT – at home, in the office, and on the go.

Designed exclusively for charging Surface with Windows RT

Proprietary magnetic connector

Magnetic snap-in plug design attaches and detaches easily

Slender form factor

Sturdy, trim cord and adapter allows access to outlets behind furniture or in other tight spaces


Surface HD Digital AV Adapter

You’ve got so much to share, and so many people to share it with – why not share it in high definition? Expand your horizons and your audience. Show off everything you’ve got on an HD-quality screen.

Designed for Surface with Windows RT, this proprietary HD Digital AV Adapter lets you connect your device to any HDMI-compatible display (HDTV, monitor, or projector) and stream movies, play video games, and watch slideshows in high definition.


  • Designed exclusively for Surface with Windows RT
  • Connects to HDMI-compatible displays

HD quality sharing

HD digital connection provides high-definition clarity for displaying presentations, photos, and video. Works with HDMI compatible displays and HDTV. Exclusively for Surface with Windows RT.


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